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Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing & Grinding Services

We offer our natural stone cleaning services to a wide variety of clientele including homeowners, interior designers, construction companies, remodeling contractors, design centers, and the property restoration services industry. are experts as a natural stone care company serving Phoenix, AZ, Orange County and Los Angeles California and are ready to inspect and recommend natural stone services to get your stone floors looking new again.

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Stone Cleaning

Stone cleaning involves professional machine and hand scrubbing methods. These methods include debris, soil and haze removal as well as stripping waxes, acrylics, and topical sealers.

Stone Sealing

This process includes surface preparation, selection of sealer, and the stone sealer application.

  • The sealer is applied to the surface and allowed to sit until full absorption has completed. Then the excess sealer is removed and the floor is buffed.
  • Multiple coats may be applied to insure proper sealing and appearance.
  • Stone enhancer sealers are applied to surfaces where more depth in color is warranted. Location, surface use and stone type are critical for enhancing applications.

Stone Polishing

Stone polishing is simply adding a higher gloss finish on the stone. Want to restore your old worn out floors or add that new factory finished shine to your stone or maybe re-polish high traffic areas that are losing their shine? We can restore your natural stone back to its original glossy look or add more gloss for a perfect finishing touch.

Stone Grinding

Stone grinding is the process of removing high or uneven edges from your stone floor. Tiles become uneven as homes settle and floors come out of square. This process can be done for entire floors or individual stone tiles. When this process is done the floors will be more even and smooth.

Grout Color Staining & Sealing

Want to renew or change the color of your grout? After the grout cleaning process is finished a color sealer can be painted on the surface of the grout, creating a new looking grout surface while still providing the best protective sealant available.

You can choose colors that compliment the natural stone, or you can have a high contrast look that is bold and creates a statement.


checkbox Blend New Stone To Existing Stone natural stone cleaning before and after photos Blend New Grout To Existing Grout checkbox Enhance/Blend Any Existing Tiles

Blend New Stone To Existing Stone

Matching color, texture and age to blend seamlessly


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A perfect match ensures that no lines are visible


Enhance/Blend Any Existing natural stone

Extend a room or patio with new tile, and no lines

checkbox Make Old Tiles Look New Or New Look Old checkbox Prepare And Seal New Stone checkbox Prepare And Seal Existing Stone

Make Old stone Look New Or New Look Old

Treatments to polish, stain, or antique your tile


Prepare And Seal New natural Stone

Increases the life of tile and reduces wear


Prepare And Seal Existing Stone

Reinvigorates old stone and brings it back to life

checkbox Grout Cleaning checkbox Refinish Flagstone, Slate, Travertine, Saltillo, And Other Surfaces checkbox Repair Fire And Water Damage

Grout Staining Phoenix before and after

Refresh grout color by stripping away dirt and grime, fix chips and re-seal grout


Refinish Flagstone, Slate, Travertine, Saltillo, And Other Surfaces

All styles


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Restore a room to its original state with our expertise

checkbox Remove And Dispose Of Existing Flooring checkbox Install Natural Stone And/Or Saltillo Tile checkbox Tile Polish and Restoration

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Mexican Tile Restoration will clean and remove scratches from old saltillo tile and grout, undo fading damage from too much sun, replace broken tiles, match colors for replacement tiles, mend chipped grout lines, and polish and seal your entire floor to make it look new again!

We invite you to call us today to discuss your tile & grout restoration and service needs!
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